Merck Womens’ Health In Focus At Jefferies & Co. On Monday at 10:00 AM EDT

Merck’s Frank Clyborn, who runs the company’s Womens’ Health businesses (including the family planning and birth control products lines) will present in New York on Monday at 10. I wonder whether Amy Ridenour (a former Jack Abramoff associate, and funds conduit, apparently) will show up to complain about how Merck destroys life (in her rather convoluted view, anyway). I mean, he is the guy she really wants to talk to — at Merck — not Ken Frazier. But I digress — again. Back to it, then. . . .

In any event, I’ll live-blog if she does show up — and here’s the Jefferies presser, then:

. . . .Jefferies. . . will host its 2012 Global Healthcare Conference June 4-7 in New York City. The four-day conference and global gathering of over 2,000 institutional investors, private equity investors, VCs and leading executives will highlight over 300 leading public and private healthcare companies across the biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare services, healthcare IT and medical technology sectors. Additionally, the conference will feature concurrent tracks of informative presentations, as well as the opportunity to participate in business to business meetings, thematic panel discussions and exclusive Q&A breakout sessions. . . .

In sum — I don’t expect any real news.


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