Propecia® Website Relaunched — With Upgraded FDA Warnings On Risks Of Sexual Dysfunction Side Effects

The wind-raked, wavy head of hair was earlier banished from the logo — and now the air is largely out of the balloon, for Merck’s Propecia®.

As Ed has reported, the FDA has required new warnings about the risks of sexual side effects from the male pattern baldness drug. Do go read all of Ed’s but here is a bit:

. . . .The changes are a setback for Merck. As of last June, the Propecia labeling said most men who experienced decreased libido, ejaculation disorder and erectile dysfunction were able to rise again. . . .

In the interim, the negative publicity over the side effects and ensuing lawsuits – sexual dysfunction makes for a difficult headline to overcome – have stalled sales. . . Last year, Propecia generated $447 million in revenue, which was flat [Ed. Note: Consider “flaccid” here?] with the year before. . . .

Here is the revamped FDA warning page. Do stay tuned.


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