Rumor Report: Some “Local Color” — On Outgoing Merck Chief Compliance Officer

This morning’s installment comes as an update to my post of yesterday morning — to which an anonymous reader offered the following backrgound — in my comment box:

. . . .Anonymous said. . .

That [naming the new Merck CCO] took a lot longer than most thought. The scuttlebutt at the merger was that Rick left Legacy Merck in a fury when he was passed over to head MMD in favor of Dick Clark (who transitioned to CEO from there). This was allegedly ‘proven’ by the fact that all units of the company had their compliance areas consolidated under Bowles except MMD. Alleged sour grapes dragging on. I suppose the real proof will be if MMD’s compliance folks fold under the new guy. We shall see.

March 28, 2012 11:38 AM. . . .

Let’s keep our eye out for this — it would make no sense not to have the whole company under one chief compliance officer, as the as-amended corporate integrity agreement between Merck and the DoJ covers the entire company — not just certain units. And it seems pretty clear that the lawyers driving the governance changes in the settlement of the federal ENHANCE ERISA suits (requiring prompt disclosure mechanisms, as to all future clinical trials conducted by Merck — and disclosure oversight boards), all made final last week, are hinged upon a strong independent CCO — and Michael Holston is certainly that. Stay tuned.


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