Can Whitehouse Station “En-Hip-[Hop]-ster” Dr. Scholls’ Image?

I hate to be the wet blanket here, but the idea that urban 20-something hip hop artists are going to endorse orthotic insoles seems. . . well, a stretch.

I guess stranger things have happened (witness Beyonce & Jay-Z trademarking their daughter’s surname — “Blue Ivy Carter”!). I’ll keep you posted, but here’s a bit from this longer Wa Po article, and if flash is enabled on your device, do watch the video below:

. . . .Dr. Scholl’s wants to massage its arthritic image. The 106-year-old company began airing TV ads Monday to recast its orthopedic shoe inserts as “energizing cushions” that help people live life to the fullest. . . .

Company executives hope the new “Get Up and Go” tag line turns attention to how the inserts might enhance a wide range of lifestyles. They want to dispel the notion that Dr. Scholl’s products are only for older people suffering aches and pains. One ad shows a break-dancer slipping a gel pad into his shoe before flipping in the air. . . .

Seriously? Yep (at about 22 seconds in):

No comment needed — or adequate, here. That’s all I’ve got this post-Presidents’ Day morning — something better, tomorrow — I hope.


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