When Did Merck Delete The Wavy, Windswept Hair From The Propecia® Logo?

When I wrote late last week about the removal of the content from Merck’s Propecia® website, for male pattern baldness, I didn’t notice that the logo had been revamped.

Look closely at the “P” in Propecia — old and new, at right.

No more implication that the diluted-dose prostate drug would grow a full head of wavy, windblown hair, on the top of a balding man’s scalp. Nope. Does anyone out there know — when, exactly, Merck revamped the “P” in the logo? Let me know, in the comments.

It makes sense, in any event, if the FDA is getting ready to greatly revamp the label, or if Merck is considering pulling the drug altogether.

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I strongly suspect there will be a fairly significant Propecia announcement — and fairly soon.

We shall see.


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