Merck Pulls Its Propecia® Web-Content

I won’t engage in the speculation that the plaintiffs’ bar is offering, here — but I will note that Merck may need to revise its labeling for Propecia® (Finasteride), according to FDA sources. Thus, removing some of the positive statements (relative to male pattern baldness) is a wise move. The rub is, though, that to remove those statements without updating the side-effects, and risks sections would be odd, indeed (and perhaps frowned upon by FDA). So — my guess is that it was thought to be safer to simply disable the web-content (see image at right — click to enlarge).

Sourced out of Baltimore, here is a bit from one of the more speculative, sensationalistic guesses — as to why this has occured.

. . . .Amid growing medical evidence that its hair growth drug causes. . . [various] side effects, Merck & Co. has pulled Propecia® content from the company’s website. (

Merck offered no explanation for the unusual move. . . .

In any event, I will keep one hairy eyeball on this one, for the readership.


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