Vertex Is A 84-16 Split Winner Over Merck — In Hep C: Q4 2011

I’ll do an updated graphic later tonight (the one at right is a projected 2011 — we now have actuals), but Vertex also announced its Q4 2011 results this morning, and. . . Q4 2011 Incivek sales were $456.8 million. That’s better than the 80-20 split, I earlier predicted.

Merck’s Victrelis sold just $87 million in Q4 2011. That makes the share split for Q4 about 84 percent for Vertex; 16 percent for Merck. Ouch.

The Vertex presser:

. . . .Net Product Revenues from INCIVEK:

Net product revenues for INCIVEK for the fourth quarter of 2011 were $456.8 million. Vertex reported $419.6 million in net product revenues for INCIVEK in the third quarter of 2011. . . .

Recall that Merck reported only $53 million in Q3 2011 sales for Victrelis. Thus, life to date, the split is running at about 85 Vertex, 15 Merck. And that is a legacy Hassan “star“?! Oops.


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