Ex-Merck Guy To Clear Path, For Ex-Abbott Guy — At Vertex

This is a much tighter circle than the first-glance “six degrees of Kevin Baconusual game might otherwise suggest, here — especially given that Vertex’s closest current competitor is Merck itself (well, okay — technically, it’s legacy Schering-Plough, but you know what I mean). [See, Incivek® posts here.]

Here is more, per this morning’s Boston Herald — do go read it all, there — this is a bit of it:

. . . .The front-office shuffle comes as the Cambridge-based company — now building a massive new waterfront headquarters in Boston’s Seaport District — prepares to bring its second drug to market. The Food and Drug Administration has agreed to expedite its review of the first potential treatment targeting the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis.

A board member since 2009, Leiden is a managing director at Clarus Ventures in Cambridge. He previously was president of Abbott Laboratories and has experience as a practicing cardiologist. . . .

Indeed. I still think Vertex has been oversold by Wall Street — it has a clear path (leading the Hep C next-gen state of the art) until at least 2015, in my estimation.


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