Merck (US): “We Will Remain Active” On Facebook

UPDATED | 11.28.11 @ 11:10 PM EST: The Facebook vanity address, “/Merck”, is now deactivated, even for members. To find either the German Merck vanity page, or the US Merck vanity page, one must search the word “Merck” in the search toolbox, then select one of the two links.

For its part, German Merck had this to say, late tonight — per a published report:

. . . .“We are happy with Facebook’s apology, and we are still looking into the matter,” a Merck KGaA said in a statement. . . .

As ever, there is thus likely more to come — and likely out of the Supreme Court of New York. There is now no doubt, though, persons formally affiliated with US Merck were in control of the disputed Facebook page as late as 8:50 PM EST, tonight. See below.


Yep — Whitehouse Station says it will fight on, on Facebook — but it is also pretty clear that the United States Merck doesn’t expect it will be able to keep the simple vanity address “/Merck” designation — this was posted just now, on the Facebook vanity page:

8:50 PM EST | . . . .Greetings. Earlier today, Facebook announced plans to decommission our vanity URL due to an administrative error on Facebook’s part. We want to assure you that our Facebook page will remain active and continue to serve as a helpful resource for information on health and well-being. We thank you for your patience and continued support. . . .

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We suspect it will ultimately be returned to German Merck (absent a paid-for settlement, by Merck US). But we will keep you informed. Below is the screen-shot of the above text:


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