One More, On Facebook’s “Un-Friending” Of Merck (Germany)

This is such rich (and fun) fodder for headline writing, no?

Do go read it all, but a bit from the Independent is here:

. . . .After more prodding, Marissa eventually writes to say that Facebook is “looking into the matter” but it takes several more emails and several more days before “Xavier, User Operations, Facebook” writes with another unhelpful message. . . .

“Xavier wrote back on 14 November stating that ‘we do not offer functionality or technical support from this email alias’, and again displaying either an incomplete knowledge of the problem or evasiveness. I asked again for a telephone number in order to better explain the issue, to which Xavier incredibly replied that ‘no one is available for a call at this time’. . . .”

When a lawyer writes the word “incredibly”, you know he has just torn the last of his hair out. It makes holding for a call centre operative sound positively appealing. . . .

Indeed. We will keep you informed.


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