More, From Last Night’s SEC Form 10-Q: Merck’s Additional Legacy Schering-Plough Headaches

We have mentioned most of these, before — but now it is all front and center, in the MSM — per Pete Loftus, as appearing in The Wall Street Journal run down of Merck’s most recent quarterly report filed with the SEC, just now:

. . . .The U.S. Justice Department issued a subpoena to Merck requesting information about marketing and selling activities for the heart drug Integrilin and antibiotic Avelox, from January 2003 to June 2010, Merck said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday. Merck said the subpoena was part of a civil federal health-care investigation, and that the company is cooperating.

Merck, of Whitehouse Station, N.J., inherited Integrilin and Avelox with its 2009 purchase of Schering-Plough for $49.6 billion. . . .

Some of the newer investigations of Merck appear to be focused mainly — but not entirely — on conduct by companies before they were acquired by Merck. Earlier this year, the Justice Department issued a subpoena to Merck as part a criminal investigation of marketing of certain drugs, including the brain-tumor treatment Temodar, which Merck had inherited from Schering-Plough. . . .

There was no word in this Form 10-Q about the agreements in principle to settle the Cain v. Hassan matter — despite the Cain matter being updated as to various other developments, right on page 25. Also, no word on settling the ERISA claims in Gradone v. Schering-Plough, et al..

I suppose we will have to wait a bit to learn more about those.


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