Australian Women Seek Class Action Status — On Alleged Gardasil® Side-Effects

Perhaps predictably, the international claims against Merck’s Gardasil® are beginning to pile up — right now, in Australia — per the Herald-Sun, in Melbourne, this morning:

. . . .Naomi Snell, 28, said her life was put on hold for more than two years after she lost the ability to walk, battled crippling back and neck pain, and suffered convulsions that started soon after her first injection in July 2008.

“I never attributed it to my vaccine so I went back for my second and third dose,” she said. “My doctors were baffled. They did diagnose me with multiple sclerosis, but have since retracted that and said it was a neurological reaction to the vaccine. . . .”

To date, the number of serious side-effects reported, as compared to the overall number of vaccinations worldwide, has been very small. We will keep you updated — on this Gardasil Australia putative class action. [H/T Pharmalot.]

Unrelated Side Note: The most-recent FDA SHARP commentary — on Vytorin® and kidney patients — won’t move the needle much. All of this is old news, and on a smallish population, given that many kidney patients are already being treated in satisfactory fashion with straight generic statins.


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