Vertex/JNJ Win European Approval For Incivek® (Telaprevir): More Bad News For Merck

This comes as no surprise, but with the 80-20 market split here in the US (in favor of Vertex), this early EU approval lead over the legacy Schering Plough boceprevir will likely skew worldwide splits closer to 90-10 in favor of Incivek®. Ouch.

From Reuters, this morning — a bit:

. . . .The pill, which won U.S. approval in May, raked in strong sales of $75 million in the first five weeks it was sold in the country. Known as Incivek in the United States, it will be called Incivo in Europe.

J&J has European rights to the product, with Vertex receiving royalties. Vertex holds exclusive rights to the drug in the United States. . . .

And down, again, goes one of Ex-CEO Fred Hassan’s “stars“.


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