Mrs. Secrest’s Fosamax® ONJ Lawyers Have Rested Her Case-In-Chief

Merck’s lawyers have filed a Rule 50(a) motion, which means that Mrs. Secrest’s lawyers have finished putting on the main portion of her Fosamax® ONJ case, in Judge Keenan’s federal District courtroom, in Manhattan, earlier today:

. . . .A motion for judgment as a matter of law under Rule 50(a) should be granted only if “a party has been fully heard on an issue during a jury trial and the court finds that a reasonable jury would not have a legally sufficient evidentiary basis to find for the party on that issue. . . .”

We will keep you informed, here — as to whether Judge Keenan allows the trial to continue, and requires Merck to put on a defense (as I expect he will) — or whether the trial is effectively over, by tomorrow morning.


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