Open Thread: Week Of July 18, 2011 — A “Science” Experiment

So, each week, you — the readers — are encouraged to add Merck items of interest to the comment box. Hopefully you’ll be able to keep one another informed while I am off attending to my other duties. I’ll try to post summaries each weekend.

To get us started, here is a Pete Loftus report on Merck’s R&D spend — and how it diverges from the Pfizer model:

. . . .Frazier said he is willing to take a “few brickbats thrown in my direction” from Wall Street because of his decision earlier this year to avoid big research spending cuts, though he acknowledged he doesn’t have a blank check to pour unlimited money into research.

“I’m trying to run the company in a way that I can satisfy the short- and intermediate-term needs of investors without sacrificing really what we’re about,” Frazier said in an interview Friday with journalists from The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires.

“Science and innovation are in the DNA of the company,” he said. “The science will lead us to another big breakthrough.”

Merck’s approach to research spending has diverged from that of rival Pfizer, which said earlier this year it would slash such spending and put more money into share repurchases. . . .

Feel free to add whatever news on Merck, Schering-Plough, Organon or Warrick (or the current and former executives of each) you’d like — below, in the comment box. Feel free to do so completely anonymously, as well. I don’t — and won’t — track these things, unless your post clearly violates applicable law (not likely).

Okay — what did you see this week? Post it below.


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