Yale’s Harlan Krumholz — On Comparative Effectiveness — In Forbes

I’ll not try to summarize it — trust me — you should read it all, with Merck’s Zetia drug, as well as its tredaptive candidate in mind. Forbes was lucky to get this piece:

. . . .Abbott should be commended for supporting the study and seeking truth about the effect of their drug on patient outcomes. No pharmaceutical company should want to sell a product that does not help patients. Abbott demonstrated their values by supporting a test of a billion dollar drug whose sales were based on an assumption of benefit. Moreover, Abbott did not criticize the study.

NIH oversee the study was also important. The NIH has impeccable research credentials and their policies and procedures protect the scientific integrity and transparency of the process. Unfortunately many industry trials have been tainted by concerns of misbehavior in the handling of data and the publication process. The credibility of this study was assured by its conduct under the auspices of the NIH. . . .

Do go read it all. It is pitch perfect — and that last bolded bit applies to the Vytorin study called “ENHANCE“. We all know how that turned out (but if you don’t — click the word ENHANCE, in that last sentence).


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