Merck’s Co-Developed Vaccine Candidate, Against Hospital Infection MRSA, Suddendly Looks Iffy

After a relatively quiet news weekend on all fronts Merck, the notoriously difficult to combat hospital born infection known as MRSA may remain in the wild for yet another generation, now. Per a Reuters report:

. . . .Patient enrollment into a clinical trial of an experimental vaccine from Intercell (ICEL.VI) and Merck & Co (MRK.N) against the hospital infection MRSA has been put on hold. . . .

The study’s independent data monitoring committee (DMC) recommended that no more patients be enrolled into the Phase II/III trial while experts assess the vaccine’s benefits against its risks.

Investors interpreted the development as a major setback for the key experimental product and shares in the Austrian biotech group [called Intercell] lost more than a fifth of their value on Monday. . . .

Intercell shares have recovered some of the ground lost earlier in the European trading day, but this development would still seem to suggest that a MRSA vaccine is still an elusive goal. We will keep you posted.


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