Oss Advisory Body”: From Anonymous Commenter

Direct from Oss — here it is:

. . . .Anonymous said…

5 April 2011

On 30 March 2011, Merck received Advice from the Advisory Body (AB) regarding the business development process related to the Oss facility. Merck has carefully considered the Advice in its entirety, and finds no basis for reconsidering its recent decision to discontinue negotiations with Party X.

Merck has fully and confidentially explained the basis for its financial calculations to the AB and has responded in detail to the AB’s follow-up questions. The AB has been provided the information underlying Merck’s decision, as was required by the Amsterdam District Court.

Merck now considers the Advisory Body advice process closed and has suggested to MSD-Organon that it resume work on further developing Plan B, carefully taking into account the AB’s comments and suggestions regarding an alternative plan.

As previously disclosed, under Plan B the Oss facility would play a key role as a product development site supporting Merck’s global clinical programs and would help support the company’s strategy for emerging markets – a primary source of growth for the pharmaceutical industry over the next several years.

April 5, 2011 1:30 PM. . . .

Do stay tuned.


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