Pete Loftus — On The $20.4 Million In Merck’s 2010 Doctor Payments

Do go read all of Pete’s fine piece — but the most important omission — in Merck’s voluntary disclosure regimen is the fees paid to doctors by legacy Schering-Plough — that might well double this figure, to over $40 million.
Here’s a bit of the whole piece:

. . . .The Whitehouse Station, N.J., company posted the new data on payments to individual physicians on its website this week. The company previously disclosed data for the second half of 2009, when it paid $9.4 million to nearly 1,700 professionals.

The figures, however, don’t include speaker programs tied to Schering-Plough, which Merck acquired in November 2009. Merck spokesman Ron Rogers said the work to prepare for the payment disclosures began before the Schering deal closed, and it’s still integrating the Schering data.

Merck is among several big drug makers that have begun disclosing physician-payment data in recent years, amid efforts to be more transparent about how they do business. . . .

As i say – double that.


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