Levitra® And NuvaRing® — Overall, No. 1 AND No. 7, In “Driving Prescriptions, From The Website(s)” — Yikes!

UPDATED: Corrected For No. 1: Levitra® — thanks to my correcting commenter, here!

Hat tip to Ed at Pharmalot.com — the orginal wire item is here:

. . . .Top Pharma Product Websites Driving Visitors to Request that Prescription from the Doctor

1. Levitra® [Legacy Schering-Plough — now New Merck]
2. Chantix®
3. Cialis®
4. Nexium® (purplepill.com)
5. Yaz®
6. Lyrica®
7. NuvaRing® [Legacy Schering-Plough — now New Merck]
8. Symbicort®
9. Viagra®
10. Lunesta®. . . .

You may safely bet the FDA is reviewing this list — and the associated websites — with a very keen eye. As to Nuvaring, this may be of concern.


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