Atlantic City Fosamax® ONJ Trial To Begin Next Week: First State Case

This one just. simply. slipped. my. mind. honestly. The first state court trial — on a Fosamax® ONJ claim — will get underway in Atlantic City, New Jersey next week. It is being tried to a jury. We’ll report on the verdict, when it is delivered — but deeply-detailed daily records aren’t available online (yet), as a general matter, in the state courts of New Jersey. Accordingly, we won’t have the blow-by-blow reporting we usually offer, on the federal court Bellwether Fosamax ONJ trial diaries — a box-car style series of six test trials — presently playing out in Manahattan. In any event, here’s The‘s item on next week’s Rosenberg v. Merck case:

. . . .Plaintiff Alison Rosenberg claims that her jaw problems resulted from the use of Fosamax, and Merck’s failure to timely warn of the risks. Merck claims that the harm to Ms. Rosenberg’s jaw was caused by other health problems and medications. . . .

We should also hear any day now on the Boles III Fosamax ONJ “damages-only” re-trial date — from the very able federal Judge John F. Keenan, in Manhattan. Do stay tuned.


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