Merck’s FINAL Lobbying Spend — $8.6 Million, Through Three Quarters Of 2010

The federal lobbying reports covering Q3 2010 are finally all in, so I thought I’d update where we stand thus far, through the first three quarters of 2010. In Q2 2010, Merck used some 17 firms, paying a total of $3.1 million. From the Senate’s disclosure website, then — as of this morning (in $000s), this was the Q3 2010 lobby spend — by lobbyist [also, the whole Merck database — as an .xls spreadsheet file]:

. . . .Merck (Internal) | $2,164
Canfield | $20
Williams & Jenson | $50
Cauthen Forbes | $30
The Advocacy Group | $20
East End Group | $30
Capitol Hill Strategies | $40
Cornerstone Govt. Affairs | $20
Polsinelli Shughart | $20
East End Group | $30
Mehlman Vogel | $50

TOTAL Q3 2010 | $2,474. . . .

Interestingly, Mark Raab’s firm apparently did no work for Merck in Q3, nor did Foley Hoag. Ferguson Strategies was a newly added lobbyist-firm for the quarter, as well.

Of course, we’ll redo the graphic when the full year 2010 is disclosed, later in January or February 2011. Stay tuned, but the 2010 total is likely to be nearly $11 million.

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