Merck BioVentures Deepens Dive Into BioSimilars — With Parexel

Here’s Reuters reporting on it, just now:

. . . .Merck struck an alliance with contract researcher Parexel International Corporation to develop copies of biotech medicines, deepening the U.S. drugmaker’s investment in so-called biosimilar medicines.

The agreement, for which financial terms were not disclosed, is the latest sign that pharmaceutical and biotech companies, rather than just generic drugmakers, are interested in the burgeoning market for similar versions of pricey biotech medicines. . . .

We will keep you posted, but with the margins that companies like Amgen enjoy (on biologics like white cell “enhancers” Neupogen® and Neulasta®), it is a wonder it has taken major branded pharma this long to cross the picket-lines, and join the “generic” strikers — there is just too much money to be made to forego these opportunities any longer. Doubly true, with branded pharma facing its various and precipitous patent cliffs.


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