More Details Emerge — In Vietnam — Of Legacy Schering-Plough “Kickbacks”

Now a second English-language translation of an online edition Vietnamese newspaper adds additional detail to the story I mentioned late Tuesday night, by saying that the Health Ministry has been concerned about this apparently long-standing practice in-country, and now finally has the evidence to proceed:

. . . .In an interview with Thanh Nien, the Ministry of Health Deputy Minister Cao Minh Quang said the fact that doctors prescribed medicine based on commissions had long been known to be true in Vietnam, but authorities had yet find enough evidence to tackle the problem. . . .

It is surprising to me that this is not being more widely reported. I guess it takes some time (without any wind conditions), for a forest-fire to really get going, too.

So, as Harpy wrote elsewhere, just yesterday afternoon — how many people in old Kenilworth knew of this “long-standing” practice — and how high might this go? The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — here, in the United States — may yet fell one or more of Fast Freddie’s friends — or the goggle-meister, his-self.

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