No Doubt About It — London 2012 will have quite a time topping that!

[UPDATEDSee Bottom of This Post]

We break format, to wander “Off-Topic” (as we are wont to do, about once every three months or so) here — and simply note: if you weren’t amazed, tonight — you mustn’t have an EKG pulse:

Forget the politics for a moment — that was quite the post-card for the world’s most-populous unified economy.

And, if you’ve ever competed, at any level, you couldn’t help but feel the butterflies — as each of the nation’s athletes entered the Bird’s Nest. . . . And. . . we’re underway. Wow.


Now, an update on the “Wow” factor: If Jamaican Usain Bolt (click on image, above) can smoke the world mark while coasting, thumping his chest, and spreading his arms — while the “race” is still underway — in the final nine meters, before crossing the tape — how far deep into nine-four land can he go, if/when he is still accelerating during those final three strides? Prepare to see the 100 meter (and 100 yard) record books completely re-written — and they’ll all read “Bolt 2008“. Amazing. Imagine this guy in a 40 — at an NFL combine — He’ll run near a 3.8 40. Whoah. I wonder how fast he’d be in pads. . . . Bolt can write his own ticket, now.

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