August 1 is NEW deadline in ENHANCE-Related Schering Securities Class Action Litigation

The putative Schering Securities Class Action Litigation plaintiffs have been granted an order allowing them little more time to get their amended, consolidated complaint filed, due largely to taking longer than expected to finally resolve the interim leadership structure for the plaintiffs’ steering committee. The new deadline for filing the amended consolidated complaint is August 1, 2008. That means the Schering lawyers will have to wait all summer, effectively, to learn how independent experts view the advice they gave, and the disclosures they made. Or failed to make. Thus, it will be a long hot summer 2008. The case, In Re Schering-Plough Corporation/Enhance Litigation, originated as Manson v. Schering-Plough Corporation, et al. (Case No. 08-397, Complaint originally filed January 18, 2008, US Dist. Ct. NJ) before Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh.

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