It Seems J-N-J CEO William C. Weldon Understands what the word "immediately" means — Does Mr. Hassan?

As you’ll note from this earlier post of mine, two Congressional Committee Chairmen wrote three different CEOs of pharmaceutical companies (and an industry group) in May, all of which conduct DTC, or “direct to consumer” advertising of FDA-approved prescription-only medications.

These Congressmen asked for “immediate written responses” from the pharma CEOs.

That was May 20, 2008. It would seem that only
Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO William C. Weldon
understands what the word “immediately” means.
Note that ten days is actually rather “non-immediate,” in
most peoples’ books — but now, consider that Monday
will be June 9, 2008.

Note that — per Chairman Dingell’s site, only JNJ CEO
has complied with the Congressional request, to date.

How on Earth does at least 19 days later constitute “immediately“, Mr. Hassan?

That is at least two-thirds of a month beyond “immediate” in my book.

So — where are his (and the others’) answers to the
questions, at right — as ever, click to enlarge.

Do these gentlemen understand that subpoenas duces
, and ultimately, citations for Contempt of Congress
are not the most positive, disarming and endearing public
relations “buzz”
big pharma could possibly create, at the
moment? I wonder.

What do you think? I know!

Let’s take a poll! Yes, let’s. Click at left to register your answers/opinions.

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