Dear Mr. Hassan — "Those lights, down-tunnel from you — are, actually. . . the headlights of an ONCOMING train."

Clearly Mr. Hassan’s 50/50 partner in the Cholesterol Joint
Venture knows what “an oncoming train” looks like — and knows
how to collaborate, to avoid being “legislated upon“,
relative to payment disclosures. See below — a very fine
letter — and, as ever, click it to enlarge, and read. [After-
all, even Rupert Murdoch (the Fox News owner & conservative
media mega-magnate) is being quoted today — saying Sen. Obama
will take the White House in a “land-slide” this fall.
So, “Wake up, Mr. Hassan — it is the train that moves,
not the station — time to change your approach, here

But where is the Schering version?

You’ll need to click the link, above,or the tiny-little
one at left — that tiny one, yeah — to see the “kiss-
off letter
” Schering-Plough earlier chose to
send out (from a lawyer, no less), bucking
the Medtronic, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, AvaMed and the PhRMA
(a pharma industry association) trend-line, here.

Is that wise? You decide.

Smart, very smart, that one — Clark, is.

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