Probably NOT the Kind of an Endorsement We’d Really Seek/Hope for — but John McCain Dumped HIS Vytorin(!)

[UPDATED — 05.26.08 Noon: Mike Huckman, of CNBC, linked my blog — presumably for the goofy graphic, at right. Very cool.

From the eagle-eyes of
Pharmalot, we note that
Senator, and presumptive Republican
Party Presidential-nominee, John McCain
(R, AZ) has switched to generic Zocor,
post-ENHANCE, from Vytorin,
according to records released
this morning. Quoth Pharmalot:

. . . .he was taken off the med
after the results of the
controversial Enhance trial
were disclosed. . . . Instead,
he was given simvastatin, or
generic Zocor, which didn’t
reduce his cholesterol by as
much but was deemed “acceptable”. . . .

Perhaps his doctors saw
that Condor-WebMedica ad. Heh. G’night!

[Graphical Update — 05.24.08 AM.]

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